Design an HTML version of your resume

Your first project will be to create a one page HTML version of your resume. These are the requirements:

  • Yes it must be your real, complete resume as you'd send to a potential employer.
  • You must take into account everything we have learned so far.
  • You must use the normalize.css from the boilerplate we created
  • You must use a font from Google Fonts in your design that is appropriate to be on your resume
  • Your CSS should be in its own separate CSS file.
  • You may include a picture of yourself if you'd like but you don't have to.
  • If you're uncomfortable including your mailing address or phone number you may leave it out but you must include at least your email address (as a clickable link) as a form of contact

Other things to consider:

  • Font size
  • Line spacing
  • Measure (characters per line)
  • Colors

Potential for bonus points:

  • Make your resume fluid to scale and look good on devices of all sizes
  • Going above and beyond the previously stated requirements

The following will reflect on your grade poorly:

  • Not putting any thought or time into this project
  • Using table based layouts
  • Using deprecated HTML such as <font>, <center>
  • Using styles inline. don't do this: <h1 style="margin-bottom:3em;">
  • Grammatical errors

Submission Guidelines

The link to your resume must be emailed to me. It should be located at